In a few seconds, the world you know can collapse in front of your eyes.

This is what happened to thousands of Nepalis three years ago due of the earthquake that devastated the country in April of 2015.

After that tragedy, we founded LivingNEPAL to try to return to the people affected, the tranquility of the present and the hope of the future, to contribute and help with our hands sincerely.

Through this documentary piece, Dhanyabad, intends to reflect  the concept of direct action and on the importance of being self-sufficiency in the international cooperation.

We want to give voice to the forgotten and affected people of the earthquake. We want to reflect the work of small organizations that work voluntarily and philanthropically, involving the population in the reconstruction process.

We want to reflect the beauty of its nature and the purity of its welcoming people, the essence of this piece of land that extends from the foot of the highest mountain ranges in the world, the Himalayas.

We want to show to the world that another way of help is possible, that solidarity, collaboration and direct action do not understand about borders or limits.

This documentary is a way of thanking all the people who have belived in the projects and who have made this possible.

As always, Dhanyabad.

Thank you to walk by our side.