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Listening, Learning, Sharing and Creating. Won’t you help us?


If you share our principles and want to participate, you are most welcome to come and join our projects.

The minimum volunteering periodis 30 days, to have time enough to understand, meet and link with the people and their local culture. Be able to become part of the developing programs and specially to see and enjoy the results.

Volunteering is a intense and consciousexperience that makes you change the way to understand the world around you.

We are looking for self sufficient, resp
onsible and adventurous people.

Here you can find some of the skills wanted, nevertheless we invite anyone to contact and join us.

Social and education Project

We are looking for teachers, social workers, therapist, coach or anyone with useful school skills.

Rebuilding Project

People with construction skills of any kind like architects, engineers, workers, geologist…

Communication Project

We would like to get more volunteers with knowledge in photo/video to keep the project alive in the social media andthe website.

Thanks for walking beside us

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