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LivingNEPAL believes that an effective school is not only concerned with acquiring knowledge, it is also a strong commitment to the development of creativity, the expression of emotions to others, – inside or outside the school-, and many other values and positive attitudes necessary for the emotional well-being of the entire community.

OVER 7000 SMILES is a socio-educational project developed in the rural schools of Rasuwa, Nepal. It is based on emotional and experimental education as a vehicle to stimulate personal growth and self-sufficiency in a system founded on repetition and punishment.

Our goal is to foster creativity and the free expression of emotions and feelings, as well as to bring together the members of the educational community.

Through the implementation of various creative and recreational activities to gain general knowledge and develop emotional education, group games and sports, we work on the implementation of core values such as respect, tolerance, cohesion and coexistence, friendship and empathy. By implementing the general use of these leanings we aim to establish a strong foundation to live in harmony with the other members of the community.

Livingnepal wants to create a platform for active communication and mutual support between the school, the students and their families, and to involve the entire community in the educational process.

Emotional education

Socio-emotional learning is the process by which students acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, to obtain and establish positive recognition, to feel and show empathy towards others, to establish and maintain positive relationships and to make responsible decisions.


Hygiene courses

This project focuses on improving the health of students and the community.
The section focuses on teaching children how to prevent diarrheal diseases and other illnesses by acquiring correct personal hygiene habits.

Safety at school

We share knowledge and opinions on earthquakes and other natural disasters and co-design a safety plan for the students and teachers of the specific school.

Teacher’s training courses

These courses will provide teachers with useful tools to carry out their educational tasks with improved problem solving and motivation skills, thus creating a network of understanding and cooperation between teachers and students.


Artistic activities such as drawing and painting stimulate creativity and enhance each student’s personal skills. As for the most part art is developed in groups, it also helps promote cohesion and improves coexistence.

Yoga and psychomotricity, games, music and dance

Yoga helps to channel energies and reaffirm students’ self-esteem. It will help active students improve their serenity and concentration, while encouraging shier students to lose their fear of others and to open to their surroundings.
Psychomotricity is a type of physical education that uses movement as a tool for the free expression of emotions and feelings.
games, music and dance are great means to develop s sense of belonging, in addition to improving listening skills, coordination and rhythm.

English lessons

The goal is to offer children the opportunity to communicate in a foreign language and improve their social skills.

Monitoring and social support for families

By organizing periodic meetings with the parents and the educational community, we learn about their needs and problems and can design well-defined goals to best care for the well-being of students and the community, and to prevent school absenteeism.





Reconstruction of Sree Barahi Primary School. Banuwa, Laharepawa VDC.

Reconstruction of Bhubaneshwari Primary School, Manigaon, Laharepawa VDC


Reconstruction of Dongdendevi School. Tipling VDC. Dhading.

In Collaboration with Hugging Nepal y Orche ONG starting winter 2017




Winter Clothing Program 2016/2017


Construction Materials

Stationery distribution for remote schools


Blankets Project at Rasuwa and Sindhupalchowk